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    Whats going on guys and gals?!!? Figured id come on over here and sign up for the forums and introduce myself! Some of you may know me from the various boards around the net but if not heres a little about me.

    First off the names Josh, 24 years old, i am married with a 2.5 year old daughter and another on the way. Currently enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I love to train and have been at it for a little over 9 years now.
    The only time off i took was during bootcamp, MCT, and then i was right back at it in MOS school. I truly love this sport and everything that comes with it. I have not yet competed but definitely plan to in the near future.

    Here are some stats

    Height: 5'7.5"
    Weight: 188
    BF %: 13% id venture to say

    I train 4 days a week and follow a strict diet which allows me to be very in tune with my body which for me is a must!

    I will most likely fire up a training and diet log where i will annotate how training is going and how the diet is!
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    Crap i think i posted this in the wrong forum, would a mod mind moving this for me? Thank you its much appreciated.
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    Howdy, stranger! Welcome over to the AX side of things! I'm sure you'll see lots of familiar faces from AM over here. If ya need anything, just give us a shout!

    Oh, and thread moved. All good! :D
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    Thanks Tim its appreciated! Ill definitely give you a shout if i need anything!

    Ill be putting up my diet and training log tonight everyone.
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    Looking forward to it
  6. thesinner Moderator

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    What's up GT. How have things been?
  7. 3clipseGT Administrator

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    Things have been pretty good, cant complain. How about yourself bud?
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    Welcome welcome . Working on getting the forum fixed right now :eek:
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    Welcome bud!
  10. emekajokammor Administrator

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    Happy to have you aboard!

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